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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

BOOHOO - Body Confidence

I’m so excited and a little nervous to share this post with you as it’s a quite a personal one.

The lovely guys from BooHoo contacted me asking me to collaborate with them on their Body Confident Swimwear campaign which has been created to encourage girls to feel happy and comfortable in their own skin. Obviously I say yes!

I think this is a fantastic campaign and very important. As an online influencer I see so much stuff being thrown around on social media, diet teas, waist trainers and contour(and NOT just on the face but the body too) in my opinion this crap is recipe for confidence demolishment and it needs to stop.
"The Beach Body" is thrown around so much at this time of the year and 6 months prior girls are trying to create this “Perfect” body for what?! A week’s holiday where you are meant to relax and have fun with your girls (or guys).

I’m not saying fitness/exercise isn’t important, but it shouldn’t be focused on just because you want to create a body that we are all forced to believe is ideal. The mental benefits and a healthier lifestyle, so you feel happy about YOU is what’s important.

I myself have recently gotten into fitness, I’ve always been a size 8 so it was never about losing weight or looking good to other people, I wanted to feel better healthier for myself. From this I have definitely found a new confidence, knowing I’m being healthier and treating my body right.
I’ve always felt quite insecure about scars on my legs from shaving accidents and being an over active kid, definitely a bit of a tomboy. Not only that I’ve always felt that my body was a little out of proportion as I have massive calf’s with arms like pencils. I also have a bit sticky out belly button and once upon a time I wouldn’t have gone anywhere near a bikini. At one point I would have done anything to change all these things and believe me there is more, I probably have a list as long as my pencil arms (just kidding) but nowadays I’m really not too bothered.

I mean what would you rather be doing picking fault with yourself or getting your bits out in Santorini? I know which one I’d be choosing.
My body…On a beach…..now that would be “PERFECT”!

 Would love to hear your body confidence stories and what makes you feel beautiful. 
Here I’m wearing the beautiful San Francisco Paradis StrappyBikini. The colour is gorgeous and the strap detail is so flattering - Click here to get yours.
Bikini - BooHoo
Rings - H&M

 These images were shot at the beautiful Eden Hall Day Spa in Nottinghamshire.

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