When you hear the name Balmain you think luxury, tailoring to perfection and the most glamorous gold buttons you ever did see. And as for L’Oreal, a brand I have loved for as long as I can remember, and was one of my first ever (proper) lipsticks. So, as you can imagine when I heard that these 2 powerhouses were doing a collaboration I went into “When is it released and how do I get my hands on it” mode.



It was difficult to resist buying the whole collection, so I went for 2 different shades (will be showing you the second shade in a separate post as the boyfriendographer and I took too many good photos). The first of lipsticks is Domination, a true red shade that is by far the best red I’ve ever worn (sorry Ruby Woo). It’s comfortable to wear and stays firmly on the lips all day. I ate and drank while wearing this shade and it barely moved. One think I will say is, I was a little disappointed that they don’t come in their own box, but as they are only £12.99 and the product is gorgeous, I really can’t complain.


The Collections






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